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Metropolis Complex

Multi-functional complexes

Metropolis Complex.

Constructed in 2009 by RTKL and ABD Architects, this multifunctional complex consists of a shopping centre and three highrise office buildings. It is located between Voikovsk and Baltiysk subway stations, fifteen minutes from the center of Moscow.

The area covers 209,000 m² – of which 119,000 m² is covered retail space – and houses over 380 stores, 18 cinema halls, leisure areas, unique restaurants, loft project, and three office buildings.

Metropolis Shopping Center.

A modern shopping center welcoming the world’s leading fashion, home and lifestyle brands, located in a developed district of Moscow on the Leningrad highway, which is one of the main thoroughfares of the city and a key transport hub. Metropolis with 80 500 m² of GLA, has shined over the years, positioning itself as the uncontested trend and fashion setter.

Metropolis Extension.

The extension of Metropolis, constructed in 2016, with its distinct atmosphere and striking design continues to build on this legacy.

Metropolis offers more area for events and promotions and more space to promote brands – 38 200 m² of GLA, 110 stores and 1 150 parking spaces.

A place where edgy urban trends are showcased in a bright spacious environment with over a hundred new shops, featuring an abundance of leading fashion, home and lifestyle brands.

Metropolis Office Center.

Constructed in 2009 by RTKL and ABD Architects, this is an open urban space of comfortable offices and infrastructure.

The textured facades of the offices are designed in an urban high-tech style. The offices face the subway exit to create an architectural ensemble from Leningrad highway.


Place and year of complition
209 000 m²
RTKL and ABD Architects
Construction company